DuraCoat® SL – SL or Self Lubricating DuraCoat®
    DuraCoat® SL – SL or Self Lubricating DuraCoat® has all the same properties as the original DuraCoat® plus added lubricity for the ultimate self lubricating/non-stick firearm finish. SL has the perfect lubricity for the moving parts of a firearm, plus the corrosion proof characteristics of DuraCoat® Original, and offers reduced friction, longer wear, and the highest degree of scratch resistance. The non-stick characteristics make cleaning your firearm a breeze.

DuraBlue®  Spray-On Bluing
    This revolutionary new coating is indistinguishable from traditional bluing but eliminates the need for dangerous and expensive chemicals. Available in three colors and two sheens.

DuraBlue™  Nitre
    Replicates the look of traditional nitre bluing (also known as fire blue) that was found on small parts of handguns and long guns.

DuraPark™  Spray-On Parkerizing Replicator
    Recreates the look of Parkerizing without the need for a heated tank of acid. Can be applied to all types of metal. Available in five traditional colors.

DuraBrown™  Spray-On Browning
    Recreates the look of historical rust browning found on antique guns, flintlocks, and muzzleloaders.

DuraPearl™ Coating
    Adds sparkle and shine over any DuraCoat® color or bare metal.

DuraCoat® Clear
    All the properties of DuraCoat® without the color. Can be used over DuraCoat®, bluing, any metal, plastic and wood.

DuraBrite Phosphorescent Coating
    Glow in the Dark coating that can be applied to all gun parts and accessories.

DuraGlo Night Sight Paint
    Durable phosphorescent coating that glows brighter and longer than any night sight available.

DuraVelvet Top Coat
    Clear coating designed to produce a rubbery/velvety feel.

DuraBake Enamel
    Extremely durable, oven-cured finish that can be applied to all types of metal.

DuraHeat High Temperature Coating
    For barrels, suppressors, and other parts that will exceed 600F (the threshold for DuraCoat®). Can withstand temps up to 1800F.

Mission Specific Removable Camo
    Easily removable yet durable coating available in an aerosol can for quick environment or season changes.

DuraClear Sealant for Hydrographics
    Clear top coat formulated to add durability to Water Transfer Printing/Hydrographics.

TruLube Surface Protectant
    Specially formulated oil to provide maximum surface protection over DuraCoat®, DuraBake, etc.

TruCoat Clear Finish
    Durable, clear finish which protects metal, wood, and plastic surfaces. Available in an aerosol can.

DuraFil Surface Filler
    For use on pits, scratches, and other imperfections prior to DuraCoating.

DuraCoat® UV Hardener
    For use when your item will be outdoors 24/7.

DuraCoat® Reducer
    To improve atomization and flow of DuraCoat®.

DuraCoat® Retarder
    Slows down the evaporation of DuraCoat® to eliminate dry spray, blushing, and cloudiness.

Flattening Agent
    To reduce the sheen of any DuraCoat® color.

DuraFlex Flexible Additive
    Increases the flexibility of DuraCoat® for use on items such as ATV fenders, etc.

    Accelerates the cure time of DuraCoat®.

SoftSand Texturizing Additive
    Adds texture to DuraCoat® for use on grips, stocks, or anything else that you want to have a better grip on.

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