DuraStain, Water Based Wood Stain
Part # Description Price Qty.
DSW2 DuraStain Waterborne Wood Stain, 2 oz.
DuraStain produces warm, rich tones that match the look of classic guns. DuraStain has been formulated to work well under water based finishes, oil finishes, enamels and lacquers. Apply by brush, rag, staining pad, airbrush or HVLP gun. Cleans up with soap and water.

DSW4 DuraStain Waterborne Wood Stain, 4 oz.

DSWFIN1 DuraStain Waterborne Wood Stock Finishing Kit
Includes: 2 oz. DuraStain Waterborne Wood Stain, 2 oz. DuraCoat AquaThin Waterborne Stain Reducer, 2 oz. AquaClear Waterborne Top Coat, 2 oz. TruLube, Tack cloth, Polybrush applicator, Assortment Pack of 6 sheets of sandpaper and a 2 pack of cloth wipes.

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