DuraCoat Clear
DuraBake Enamel
DuraBake Reducer
DuraHeat 2.0 High Temperature Coating
DuraHeat 2.0 Reducer
DuraClear Sealant
Removable Camo Coating
DuraFil Surface Filler
TruLube Surface Protectant
DuraGlo Night Sight Paint
DuraBrite Phosphorscent Coating
TruCoat Clear Finish
DuraVelvet Top Coat
Parkerizing Solutions
DuraPearl Coating
DuraCoat® Special Purpose Firearm Coatings
At Lauer Custom Weaponry, we are committed to offering the largest line of special purpose gun coatings in the world.  We are truly a one-stop shop for all of your gun restoration and customization needs.  Our DuraCoat® Special Purpose Firearm Coatings are perfect for those that want their firearm to have a one-of-a-kind look.   They’re also perfect for gun shops, gunsmiths, firearm customizers, and gun restoration specialists who need an all-encompassing line of gun coatings to complete the large variety of projects they undertake.  This includes our DuraBlue™ spray-on bluing that replicates the look of traditional bluing while also providing the protection and durability of DuraCoat®!