DuraDize Spray-On Anodizer Replicator Aerosol Kit
DuraMetl Heavy Metal Collection Aerosol Kit
To Hell and Back - Distressing Kit
DuraCoat Shake 'N Spray Finishing Kit
DuraCoat Aerosol Kit
DuraBlue Aerosol Kit
DuraBlue Nitre Aerosol Kit
DuraPark Aerosol Kit
DuraBrown Aerosol Kit
DuraCoat EasyWay Camo Kit
DuraCoat EZ Finishing Kit
DuraCoat EZ Camo Kit
DuraCoat Beginners Kit
DuraCoat Shake 'N Bake Finishing Kit
DuraDrab Lustreless WWII Vehicle Aerosol Kit
DuraCoat StartUp Pak
DuraCoat Professional Start-up Kit
DuraFil Kit
DuraPhos Kit
Zinc Parkerizing Kit
Manganese Parkerizing Kit
Black Dip Parkerizing Kit
DuraCoat® Finishing Kits For Every Situation!
Our goal at Lauer Custom Weaponry is to make your next gun refinishing project as simple as possible. That is why we offer a vast line of gun refinishing and restoration kits to fit the needs of every individual! We have kits for the DIY gun finisher and also for professional gun refinishers and customizers. Whether you need a kit for a single DuraCoat® color, camo pattern, gun restoration, Parkerizing, or even for a battle-worn look, we have the gun finish kit for you! These all-inclusive kits are perfect for every situation in need of a high-quality firearm coating like DuraCoat®!